Sunday, June 29, 2008


Household survey data to evaluate the randomized conditional cash transfer program in Mexico (Oportunidades, formerly known as Progresa) is available here.

Used by various papers including Todd and Wolpin (2006).

Angelucci and de Giorgi (2007) find that the PROGRESA program also has affected the control group.

The data can also be used without any relevance to the impacts of Progresa/Oportunidades. See Angelucci, de Giorgi, Rangel, and Rasul (2007), Martinelli and Parker (2007) "Deception and Misreporting in a Social Program", Tarozzi (2011), among others.


justagirl said...

I´m working with the ENCASEH-ENCEL, maybe we could be in touch?
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Unknown said...


The data used by Martinelli and Paker are administrative data that are used to judge the eligibility of Oportunidades applicants, not the evaluation data you introduced.