Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This website is managed by Masayuki Kudamatsu (click the link to learn who I am).

This "blog" intends to provide background information on datasets relevant to development economics research (therefore data from rich countries is usually omitted). Value added in comparison to other data links of this kind is two-fold:

1. Describe which papers use each dataset so that the first-timer data users can read such papers to easily grasp what variables are available, what data issue is a concern, etc.

2. Tag each dataset by country names, research topics, and data types so that you can browse relevant datasets all at once by clicking "LABELS" on the right column.

Some "LABELS" need clarification: "clearing house" refers to websites with links to several datasets; "cross-country" refers to cross-country datasets (i.e. data is comparable across countries); "GIS" refers to datasets in the GIS format or with the longitude and latitude of locations available; "micro data" refers to datasets at the individual, household, or firm level; "sub-national data" refers to datasets at the level of provinces, states, counties, districts, and so forth; "world" refers to datasets on something common to all countries such as international commodity prices.

DEVECONDATA keeps expanding with new datasets added and previous posts revised. By providing the date of each new entry and changing the date of revised posts to the date of revision, I allow you to track what is the latest addition to this blog.


DEVECONDATA is cited by and/or linked from (as of September 2007):

1. LSE EOPP official website

2. Developmentdata.org

3. Trantula (in Japanese)

4. Global Development: View from the Center (a blog by the Center for Global Development)

5. MEDevEcon

6. First hand accounts of a former homeboy

7. Ken Jackson's Development Economics Links

8. ISID at University College of London

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