Tuesday, June 28, 2016

MICS (Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys)

Here's the description of MICS by UNICEF, WHO, The World Bank and UN Population Division (2007) (page 15):
Originally developed by UNICEF to help assess progress towards the goals established by the 1990 World Summit for Children, MICS surveys now serve as a monitoring tool for the MDGs and other international commitments... Three rounds of MICS surveys have been conducted, in 1994-95, 2000-01, and 2005-06. Over 50 countries participated in each round. MICS surveys typically sample 4,000 to 5,000 households, although samples can range up to 15,000 households. The women’s questionnaire includes a module on child mortality which asks how many children a woman has ever borne, when she first gave birth and how many of her children have died or survived.
See UNICEF's website for more details such as the questionnaires and how to download survey.

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