Monday, March 1, 2010

FAOSTAT Food Balance Sheet

FAO has been compiling a cross-country annual panel data on per capita calorie availability.

FAO (2001)'s Food Balance Sheets: A Handbook describes how the data is constructed.

The data can be downloaded at a FAOSTAT webpage. (Uncheck FBS Style and select Grand Total+ in the list of item.) All the disaggregated data is also downloadable.

Used by Lisa Blaydes and Mark Andreas Kayser's working paper entitled "Counting Calories: Democracy and Distribution in the Developing World".

The calorie availability data used in pages 8-9 of Pritchett (1997) (to gauge the subsistence level of GDP per capita) and in Deaton (2007) (to investigate the determinants of human height) is presumably the same data.

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