Monday, August 15, 2016

Regional Development Data

GDP at 1569 subnational regions from 110 countries in 2005 is compiled by Gennaioli et al (2013). The data is downloadable from Andrei Shleifer's website.

GDP at 1528 subnational regions from 83 countries at different points in time (wherever available) is compiled by Gennaioli et al (2014). The data is downloadable from Andrei Shleifer's website.

An alternative measure of subnational-level living standards is the wealth index provided by DHS surveys.
  • See Rutstein and Johnson 2004 for the methodology to construct the index.
  • DHS surveys are usually representative at the first level of administrative boundaries (e.g., provinces).
  • Briggs (2015) use the DHS wealth index, to see whether foreign aid reaches the poorer regions of the country.

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