Saturday, April 14, 2007

Civil Wars

See Eck (2004) for an overview of conflict datasets. See also papers presented at EUROCONFERENCE "Identifying Wars: Systematic Conflict Research and it's
Utility in Conflict Resolution and Prevention" in Uppsala, 8-9 June 2001

Armed Conflict Database by PRIO/Uppsala
used by Edward Miguel, Shanker Satyanath, and Ernest Sergenti (2004) "Economic Shocks and Civil Conflict: An Instrumental Variables Approach," Journal of Political Economy, 112(4), pp.725-753. (Their dataset is downloadable from Miguel's website.)
used also by Montalvo and Reynal-Querol (2005a)

Correlates of War (COW) Database
criticised by Miguel et al. (2004) (see p.730)

Civil War Termination project (see Licklider 1995 "The Consequences of Negotiated Settlements in Civil Wars, 1945-1993," American Political Science Review, 89: 681-690)

Doyle and Sambanis (2000)'s dataset
used by Montalvo and Reynal-Querol (2005b)

Dataset for Nicholas Sambanis (2000) 'Partition as a Solution to Ethnic War: An Empirical Critique of the Theoretical Literature', World Politics, vol. 52 (July), 437-83. (downloadable from the World Bank website)

The following two webpages provide replication datasets for published papers on civil wars:

Datasets for papers on civil wars by United Nations Studies at Yale University

Datasets by Ethnicity, Insurgency, and Civil War research project at Stanford University

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