Monday, March 27, 2017

Work and Iron Status Evaluation (WISE)

See Duncan Thomas's website for details.

Its consumption expenditure and price data is used by McKelvey (2011) to check the validity of unit value as a proxy for price.

The paneL data on farm labor demand and household composition is used by Lafave and Thomas (2016) to test the neoclassical agricultural household model.

Sample periods
"After a listing survey in late 2001, a population-representative sample of households living in Purworejo kabupaten were interviewed every four months beginning in 2002 and continuing through 2005. A longer-term follow-up was conducted five years after the start of the survey in 2007." (Lafave and Thomas (2016), p. 1926)
See section 4 of Lafave and Thomas (2016) for more detail, including data quality issues.

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